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2017-03-06 MP from Malta st-marys-tower
2017-03-06 MP from Malta st-marys-tower
2017-03-06 MP from Malta st-marys-tower
2017-03-06 MP from Malta st-marys-tower
2013-12-31 A picture from Barcelona monjuic-castle
2013-07-22 Old Port of Marseille marseille-port
2013-07-22 Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde notre-dame-de-la-garde
2013-04-11 The Louvre Palace and the Pyramid was captured this spring louvre
2012-12-12 Mads visited Lindos on the island of Rhodes, in the Dodecanese, Greece. lindos-rhodos
2012-09-18 skp visited Uraniborg on the island of Hven in Oresund tycho-brahe-museum-uraniborg
2012-08-16 A Manpower from the Tirpitz-position in Blåvand tirpitz-position
2012-08-16 Helene and Frederik sent us a splendid picture in front of Petronas Towers petronas-towers
2012-07-31 Mads visited Rome last year, and sent us a great picture from the Spanish Steps! spanish-steps
2012-07-31 A MP from the baroque palace of the University of Hohenheim in Germany. schloss-hohenheim
2012-03-04 A great MP from Salvador - one of the city's trade marks, Elevador Lecerda elevador-lacerda
2012-03-04 Another MP from Salvador in the heart of Pelourinho, the Church of São Francisco. igreja-de-sao-francisco
2012-02-18 From skp´s recent trip to Bahia we bring you the first MP from Santa Cruz Cabrália. santa-cruz-cabralia
2011-12-31 A manpower from Étang de Bages from skp's summer trip to France. etang-de-bages
2011-12-31 A manpower from Étang de Bages from skp's summer trip to France. etang-de-bages
2011-09-06 Humayun's Tomb humayuns-tomb
2011-09-06 Khardung La khardung-la-pass
2011-09-06 Frederik and Helene visited India and came back with 3 stunning MPs. We bring to you, the Taj Mahal! Thanks to our guests for the fine contribution. taj-mahal
2011-08-01 A great MP from Villerouge-Termenès in the heart of the Cathar Country in France. villerouge-termenes
2011-03-22 A great Manpower was recently taken at twilight in the mythical Sinai Desert. sinai-desert
2011-03-18 The MP team gathered in London on a cold and stormy sunday to take this magnificent photo from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich - site of the Prime Meridian. greenwich
2010-10-01 skp and family visited the Narbonne Cathedral during this summer and bring it to you! narbonne-cathedral
2010-08-12 The Gedächtniskirche in Berlin gedachtnis-kirche
2010-08-12 The Team presents one of Europe's most famous landmarks, Brandenburger Tor. brandenburger-tor
2010-07-07 Kasper has visited Flakfortet - the famous sea fortress in Øresund. flakfortet
2010-06-15 A new photo from Thailand: The Phra Sri Ratana Chedi from the Grand Palace in Bangkok. bangkok-phra-sri-ratana-chedi
2010-05-01 An old image has found it's way to the site. The beautiful sea marker of Gammel Skagen. skagen-soemaerke
2010-04-18 Added the first photo from Bangkok. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaew). bangkok-grand-palace-emerald
2010-03-26 You can now find the nearest manpowers locations with the 'augmented reality' application Layar. See more at  
2010-03-25 Added a rare photo of the frozen Furesø - the deepest lake in Denmark. furesoe
2010-03-17 The Team has visited Berlin again after 9 years - and here comes the first result from that trip: the famous Reichstag building. reichstag
2010-03-10 Mads went whale watching in Turks and Caicos, and sent us a great Guest-MP from there. turks-and-caicos
2010-03-04 skp has visited Tenerife of the Canary Islands and brings back a great MP from the south. tenerife
2010-03-04 tenerife-bonus
2009-12-28 Lake Geneva MP'ed by team member skp with the whole family! geneva-lake
2009-12-16 An old underwater MP from Egypt resurfaced. dahab-blue-hole
2009-12-05 A sophisticated MP from the mother of all golf courses: St Andrews in Scotland. Presented by team member mh. st-andrews
2009-02-27 Today the new was launched. We have added more search and filtering possibilities to the gallery and a completely new world map.
We have a lot of new features in the pipeline, so check back soon!
2009-01-16 The Semuc Champey Waterfall in Guatemala was added. Our gratitude goes to Amalie. semuc-champey
2008-11-20 Team member skp's trip to France has resulted in photos from great sites: Carcassonne, Cirque de Navacelles, L'Abbaye de Gellone and Montpellier.
mh has visited Cromwell in the UK and captured a beautiful shot from Land's End.
Also we have received a guest picture from Pinnacles in Western Australia from Sebastian and Pernille. Hopefully the first of many.
2008-08-26 Today the Team has published new updates to the Iceland and Hawaii guides. Among the highlights are: Waikiki Beach and Honaunau Bay from Hawaii and Hallgrimskirkja from Iceland. waikiki-beach
2008-03-23 We bring you some great pictures from kom's trip to Greenland. Also a great manpower from Ilha de Santa Catarina in Brazil. And also 2 manpowers from USA; a great view of downtown Seattle by mh and from skp's trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - the first of many from Hawaii. eqi-glacier
2007-09-09 Massive Summer Update:
The Team had a busy summer and presents 6 brand new Manpowers from top spots of Europe. Do enjoy!
* Canary Wharf in London * Pitigliano and Siena in Tuscany, Italy * Bratislava and High Tatras mountains in Slovakia
2007-05-25 Now the Manpowers from the Samba capital of the world are presented to you; 3 great MPs from Rio de Janeiro from the best sights of the city. museu-do-arte-contemporanea
2007-04-12 We bring you the first genuine MPs from South America from skp's trip to Brazil. Please enjoy the 3 Manpowers from Diamantina and around. Thanks go to Eriki, Rasmus and Tatjana for support. More to come, so check back soon! igreja-ns-do-carmo
2007-02-04 Today we present 3 new MPs on the site: Uffe has sent us a great picture from Makaha Beach in Hawaii. Also another great picture from kom's trip to Greenland, Kangerlussuaq. Lastly, a MP from the harbour of Copenhagen with the great Opera in the back. makaha-beach
2006-12-29 A forgotten MP from the Monastery of Orval is now at last being revealed. We also bring you a MP of Feldherrnhalle from skp's trip to Munich. orval
2006-11-29 3 new pictures added from Greenland. More to come!!! nuuk-by-night
2006-08-24 kom has visited team member mbj at his new MP office in Nuuk, Greenland. A thorough guide to the biggest island in the world has been initiated - beginning in the area around Nuuk. nuuk-mountain
2006-05-26 mh has visited the Sydney area in Australia and has produced enough additional pictures to complete the Sydney City Guide to please even the most picky visitor. The sites include: The Opera House, Waterfront, Harbour Bridge and the Blue Mountains. sydney-opera-house
2006-04-11 Three great additions to the MP guide of London were produced during the Spring Board Meeting: The Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Battersea Power Station. buckingham-palace
2006-03-02 Excellent MP from the Malaysian city of Melaka has arrived to the site with some delay. melaka
2005-11-09 We proudly present Manpowers from the two most famous sites in Iceland. Also regular Amalie has sent us two great pictures from the beautiful island of Giglio in Italy with help from Andreas and Ruben - respect!. blue-lagoon
2005-09-16 mh has visited The Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales and captured four great Manpowers. The team is also proud to present a picture from Windsor Castle, UK neudd-reservoir
2005-08-10 Today MP-day is celebrated among the members. With much rejoice and happiness we bring you three new sites: The Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral from the UK brought to you by by skp and mh. The new probation member has shown worth by bringing two excellent pictures from the tiny principality of Monaco. Also the winner of the Best Guest MP 2003/2005 competition has been been found. See the winner and the close-ups here. Thanks to all the contributers and see you back soon! A new probation member has found his way to the Team. Throughout the years mbj has been a regular contributor of many great pictures and shown true dedication to the spirit behind this site. The Team welcomes him and hopes for a bright future as a likely full member of the Team. stonehenge
2005-06-17 PloP has visited the Arctic Circle in Sweden and contributes with a great picture. skp has been to Antwerp and captured the Grote Markt - thanks to family for help. arctic-circle
2005-05-15 The Spring update brings you 3 brand new MPs from the beautiful island of Cyprus, an extra recently taken MP with a new angle of the Temppeliaukio Church from skp's trip to Helsinki. Last but not least we have recieved yet another great guest manpower in front of the London Eye from regular db. cyprus-kykkos
2005-02-25 The guide to Moscow has been completed with four more pictures. With these we have now reached more than 100 genuine MPs from around the world! moscow-monastry
2005-02-16 Another trip has been made and we bring you brand new manpowers from the cold city of Moscow. Also a great picture from kom's trip to Verona. moscow-foreign-ministry
2005-01-22 We bring you 3 manpowers from the mightiest mountain in South East Asia: Mount Kinabalu! kinabalu1
2005-01-04 Three pictures from Martin's trip to Vietnam are now online. From Hanoi and Nha Trang. Respect goes to our regular guest! hanoi
2004-11-11 Several exquisite pictures added today. kom has visited the enchanting Castle of Bouillon and Råbjerg Mile of Northern Jutland. The Team brings you yet another city-guide. This time from the hometown of mh, London. bouillon

2004-11-05 Martin Jensen and Lise bring us one of the most wanted sites for the manpower site. The Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia. angkorwat
2004-08-04 kom has visited Barcelona and has produced 2 great MPs, the first ever from Spain! barcelona_olympic
2004-07-21 skp presents a great picture from Oslo. oslo
2004-06-17 We have recieved a great picture from the Niagara Falls. niagara_falls
2004-06-02 Regular contributor ekp has done it again! This time he brings home a great picture from Montreal in Canada. montreal
2004-04-21 While it has been a long time since the last update, the team has not been on the lazy side! We are proud to present you with a guide to Cuba, and a guest contribution from Hungary. cuba1

2004-01-07 Daniel Bien has sent us a great picture from Stockholm. stockholm_royal_palace
2003-12-31 New pictures added from Ireland The Rock of Cashel. The team has also recieved pictures from Martins Tour of Germany this summer. We bring you Olympic pictures from Berlin and Munich. cashel
2003-09-23 2 Guest MP's from Uganda have been added. Thanks to Camilla and friends. kibale_rain_forest
2003-09-23 The Team hosted a fine reception with many contributors and friends of the Team. The winner of the Best Guest MP competition was announced. See the winners here.  
2003-09-04 We present you the first MP of several from skp's trip to Ireland and 2 guest MPs from esteemed regular gbr's trek to the highest mountains of Norway. gallarusoratory
2003-07-06 The original team members give you the Grand Tuborg Bottle of Northern Copenhagen. tuborg
2003-06-21 We have recieved a guest MP from the Swiss Alps - Beatenberg. beatenberg
2003-05-16 We have the pleasure to present 2 great Guest MPs from one of our most active contributors, regular gbr. One from the mountains around Auron and another from the famous Monte Carlo Casino. Respect is burning! auron
2003-04-08 We have recieved a contribution from the "Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood" in St. Petersburg. A big thanks to the father of teammember skp for this divine MP. bloodchurch
2003-03-18 skp has visited Paris and captured yet 2 famous landmarks, with thanks to regulars ekp and Amalie. We bring you the Eiffel Tower and the magnificent Notre Dame. Also a bonus picture from Sacre Coeur has been added. tour_de_eiffel
2003-03-14 Teammember mh and regular guest Daniel Bien have visited two of the institutions of the European Union: The legendary Berlaymont Building and the Justus Lipsius. berlaymont
2003-03-02 kom and mfm have brought home two pictures from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. egypt1
2003-01-14 2 contributions to existing locations have been made by Teammember mh. The long time promised MP from the Red Square in Moscow and a beautiful new angle of the Cologne Cathedral including the Ludvigs Museum for Modern Art. red_square
2002-12-29 6 pictures added today. The Team would like to thank the guest contributors and warmly welcome more in the year to come. From the team: The remaining photo from this summer's trip to Maastricht. 3 guest pictures from Washington D.C. 1 guest photo from the beautiful island of Ile St. Honorat in southern France. 1 contribution from Lemvig in northern Jutland. maastricht
2002-11-19 Imagine the unique Blue Forest near Brussels. The first photo featuring the two brothers of the Team - kom and mfm. blueforest
2002-10-22 skp has visited Munich during the Oktoberfest and produced 2 MPs with help from friends. Our first contribution from Paris has been made by mh. We bring you the breathtaking Sacre Coeur. 2 guest MPs have been taken at historical D-Day sights in Normandy by regular ekp and Amalie. justitzpalast
2002-10-03 Mikkel Alsø and Torben Hvilsted have sent us a photo from the Houston Space Center in Texas. houston
2002-09-23 The Team has recieved a guest picture from our regular contributor Daniel Bien. This time from the City Hall of Brugge in Belgium. brugge
2002-08-31 A Manpower has been taken in front of the great City Hall of Liege. skp and kom have succeeded again. liege
2002-08-16 The "Palais de Justice" in Brussels has been MP'ed by the Duo (skp & kom). We bring to you the biggest building in Europe! justice
2002-07-31 kom & skp have passed through Cologne and captured the most well-known architectural monument in Germany. The Cologne Cathedral. The yearly Team gathering has taken place. This summer in the industrial city of Düsseldorf. Resulting in a fine series of Manpower photos. koln2
2002-07-26 A bonus Manpower photo has been released from Portugal. Teammember skp with help from Mikkel Alsø, has succeeded in taking a picture from the Cristo Rei; a statue seen by many as a tribute to the Manpower Photo Series®. portugal2
2002-07-06 Teammember skp has been on a trip to Portugal. Today we have the pleasure to present the 3 first pictures. More will follow... portugal1
2002-06-19 Martin Jensen has succesfully taken 3 fine Manpowers in Rotterdam. The sites include Europes largest port, some experimental architecture and a famous professor. rotterdam1
2002-04-22 2 guest Manpowers from the sunny island of Mallorca. Brought to you by Team Cycling Ringsted. mallorca1
2002-03-05 The dynamic duo (skp & kom) has just returned from Helsinki with a portfolio of no less than 6 exquisite photographs; introducing the first comprehensive city guide in the Team's history. Extra-bonus added March 15th: A rare insight into the difficult process of making a manpower-photo. tuomiokirkko
2002-02-21 The trustworthy teammember mh has returned from the Russian winter with two marvelous pictures from Moscow and St. Petersburg. red_square
2002-02-04 The probation member - mfm - has taken his first solo manpower picture in the scenic landscapes outside the Irish city of Galway. Full membership will be taken under consideration by the Board. galway
2002-02-03 2 new guest manpowers from New Zealand. Appreciations to the regular contributor db and his sister nb. coro
2002-01-17 A fine picture from the Island of Ilê aux Cerfs, Mauritius has been added. Thanks to Dinah and her brother Martin. maurit
2001-11-20 2 new manpowers from Brussels have been added. 1 picture from the scenic village of Portofino in Italy. 2 photos from the memorable team reunion in Berlin, where the team spent a very nice afternoon and produced some already classics! bxl
2001-10-11 A picturesque photo from Braunwald in Switzerland. Brought to you by family of a teammember - ekp and his colleague khj. schweiz
2001-10-09 Two nice shots from Krakow. Brought to you by Tue and Kim. krakow
2001-10-01 A great guest photo from Malik and Alsø outside "Le College". college
2001-09-10 A few more shots from fields outside Oxford. Produced by the nature lover of the team, mh. oxford
2001-09-06 A new guest section has just been added. It contains photos taken by friends and fans of the team, and so far includes a picture from Tokyo and one from the Pyramids. tokyo2
2001-08-16 A great photo from Berlin. The new home of the esteemed member mh. Kom and skp do the manpower between the 'Palast der Republik' and the 'Berliner Dom'. The 'Fernsehturm' makes a grand background. fernsehturm
2001-08-14 A few great shots from the Danish island Bornholm. Thanks to the two guests Thorsten (ts) and Uffe (us). bornholm
2001-06-04 Piccadilly Circus (mh & mbp) piccadilly
2001-06-04 Fields of Oxford (mh & guests) oxford

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