On the Road

-Please enjoy!

Enjoying lunch by the river Elbe in Prague after the first challenging Manpower photo

"We survived the inbreed capital of Kefalos!!"

Photo spots are picked out on the local means of transportation in Greece

Highway to Sweden!

"No valley too deep, no mountain too high"

Fully equipped team members ready to go underground in the Waitomo Caves, NZ

Consulting with the German team assistant (Hardy) on the steep roads of Samoa

Animals signing up to help the team in New Zealand

Team (and probation member mfm) reunited for board meeting in Copenhagen

Team by the canals of Copenhagen, with the new team vehicle

Enjoying beer by the river Rhine in Düsseldorf after yet more challenging Manpower photos

In Moscow Aleksey signed up for the job as Team assistant and took care of airport transportation.

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